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At BeeckerCo, we are experts in RPA process automation and we love doing it. We have perfected the cycle of designing, building and testing automations. Our team of experts follows a process that is fast and efficient. 

Beeckerco´s turnaround time for RPA design, development, testing and deployment is 8 weeks. From idea to production, saving time and costs and making employees happier and more efficient with the help of our bots.



The AMS RPA service (Application Management Service RPA) aims to respond to the needs of our customers to administer, manage and maintain RPA Robots in optimal operation, ensuring that they can evolve and respond continuously to meet the needs of their business.

Our intention is to provide, through the Support Desk service, a single point of contact between customers where they can receive attention, assistance and technical support to their multiple needs and service requests.



Make the right decisions and form an efficient CoE

BeeckerCo can help you build centers of excellence ready to meet all the challenges of efficient RPA adoption.

54154-Software Factory - RPA - CMMI Development V2.0 (CMMI-DEV) without SAM - Maturity Lev
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