IP- Driven BPM



Intelligent Workflows

Add a thin layer of automation, AI and decision management technologies on top of your processes and applications to improve the way your business works.


 vs Manual Follow Up?



  • End-to-end workflow integration - Reduce daily operation times by working on a unified platform, without the need for accessing different enterprise systems

  • Flexibility - Process automation using our State Machine model allows flexible process implementations without losing control

  • Custom UI - Interface specifically tailored to your business needs. Our unique Dynamic UI implementation model also adds extra flexibility to your process application

  • Traceability and recordkeeping - Keep track of every step of your process. We offer Flexible Data Persistence implementation models to facilitate recordkeeping and compliance.

  • Visibility - Make your process transparent to all business areas involved.

  • Live monitoring - Access process execution information and insights so you can take action and seize opportunities in real-time

Intelligent Workflows




State Machine 

Accelerate your automation project with our decision-driven model. Control the flow of the process using a decision table instead of traditional task connections. Change or add activity transitions by simply updating table rows.

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Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-19 a la(s) 17.38.59.png

Dynamic UI

Activate or deactivate whole screen sections easily, simply changing their visibility value without needing application maintenance.

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Flexible Data Persistence

Store your data using NoSQL databases, eliminating the need for rigid structures.

Lower maintenance costs

Take advantage of our BeBOP’s flexibility. Our pre-packaged tools allow for changes to be made easily without the need of extensive maintenance projects.

100% Tailored

  • 4 Semanas Desarrollo

  • 1 Célula Ágil

  • 7 Semanas Desarrollo

  • 1 Célula Ágil

  • 7 Semanas Desarrollo

  • 2Células Ágiles

WOrkflow Simple

workflow Estándar

workflow complejo

We analyze and classify each workflow into one of three categories, with a set amount of effort and team size for each.

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Complementos Hyper-Automation

Task mining

UiPath Task Mining automatically identifies and aggregates employee workflows, then applies AI to identify repetitive tasks that have high automation potential. 

Process mining

Use data from your business software (such as ERP and CRM) to gain a deep understanding of your processes.

Testing Automatizado

Automate and centralize testing to ensure the quality of each automation and application before they go live.

AI Watson

Watson is an artificial intelligence platform that will allow you to incorporate AI tools into your data, no matter where it is hosted.


Automate your business rules and policies, create a decision library and ensure consistency across all your processes an

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