Why choosing IBM BPM can save your business?

Why choosing IBM BPM can save your business?


Why choosing IBM BPM can save your business?

Posted by BeeckerCo on Mar 15, 2018 9:06:04 PM
 Some companies have a whole lot of internal processes and still fail to achieve their business goals, why is that? Perhaps the methods they are using are not ideal according to their main needs.

This is the reason why an enterprise that is looking to outdo its competition, has to be selective on the tools and practices that work best so they can fulfil their business objectives.



What is IBM BPM?

IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) is a comprehensive business process management platformthat combines human-centric focus and integrations-centric capabilities into a unified product that provides a useful set of tools to manage business processes.


In response to the intense global competition, IBM BPM helps organisations in three main areas:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Measurability


Cost Efficiency

During recent years, organisations have had to adjust their budgets according to the economic conditions, so it is crucial for them to choose the correct BPM suite that helps them decrease operational costs and accelerates their Return On Investment by allowing them to manage various projects at once.

Being customizable, IBM BPM drives strategies to maximize costs and reduce corporate risks because it has the characteristic of allowing the automation of recurring processes. For instance, with our IBM BPM approach, our customers are able to reduce project time up to 50%. 



Thanks to IBM BPM it is possible to detect the inefficiencies in the business processes in order to eliminate redundant steps that may be causing bottlenecks.

Also allows the automation of certain elements within the workflows, that companies can allocate their resources in other areas and thus increase their productivity considerably.

For example, with BeBOP, the smart robot by BeeckerCo, the Account Origination and Lending Processes can be automated in the IBM BPM platform to achieve a reduction about 30% of the personnel who are involved in the process.



With the technology behind IBM BPM, it is possible to measure a process from end-to-end because it tracks any change implemented and compares the results, which helps to determine if the improvements provide added value to optimise the workflows.

For companies it is quite useful to be able to monitor changes made according to changing market conditions, so they can implement the necessary modifications in order to achieve the expected results.


Meet BeBOP!

We have created a ready to deploy solution named BeBOP that is powered by IBM BPM OnCloud technology, BeBOP is an excellent option for process automation and has the capability to integrate with a company’s core systems.



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