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What is the difference between digital transformation and business automation?

Posted by BeeckerCo on Nov 1, 2018 10:16:00 AM



The digital transformation of several industries comes from the idea of improving the customer service and enhancing productivity with the help of the newest technological innovations.



The main difference is that digital transformation refers to a cultural approach of the technologies used in business and the implementation of digital process, that include storing data in the cloud, the use of specialized software to increase efficiency.

In contrast, automation is an element used within the digital transformation. Automation uses robots or most commonly named “bots” that can be programmed to replicate the work done by human workers in less time while reducing the possible errors.

IBM is a pioneer in the area of digital business transformation because since 2005 it has created software that optimizes workflows to boost productivity within companies.


How can digital technology transform a business process?

Technologies like RPA or BPM remove redundant steps from a workflow, mainly to make a process more efficient.

Once a process is selected for automation, it becomes optimized and the reduction in time, effort and costs is quite noticeable.

The advantages are that depending on the type of industry, there are several options and different automation solutions available, whether it is going to be used to control machinery or for processing high volumes of information.

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