What processes are suitable for RPA?

What processes are suitable for RPA?


What processes are suitable for RPA?

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Being able to speed up the workload of a company by automating the different processes seems like an ideal solution for various business issues, but there are several points to consider before implementing automation software. The main goal is focusing these resources on the processes that best adapt to this innovation and  which can produce the optimal results.


Ideal processes for RPA

RPA process_01

Front office

This option simulates human interaction by means of robots in front-office processes, which can be robots answering help chats or voice recognition applications, for example.

Back office

These types of processes have great compatibility with RPA. They are ideal These  for automation because they are rule-based, which also means they don't require complex decision-making while dealing with a high volume. Some common examples are report generation or data entry.


How to know if a process can be automated?

Before implementing automation, it is necessary to evaluate if the process has the following characteristics:

  • The process should be ruled-based.
  • It has to be digitally triggered.
  • Has to have a defined input.

The digital transformation of a company may seem complex, so it important to go step by step to avoid errors.

In the first place, the roles of each team member and the specific steps of the process must be defined, because it is a reality that many companies lack of defined processes in their daily operations.

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