The secret of effective business process automation

The secret of effective business process automation


The secret of effective business process automation

Posted by BeeckerCo on Apr 4, 2018 6:51:56 PM


We are living in a time where technology has made human intervention unnecessary in certain business processes by implementing automation. This revolutionary alternative can boost the efficiency of an organization if planned correctly, but what is absolutely essential to consider before opting for BPA?


What is business process automation (BPA)?

It may seem BPA is just letting a robot take full responsibility for everyday processes, but actually it involves a previous action plan so the software that allows automation is fully integrated with other tools and meets the company needs.

BPA technology allows for the streamlining of operationsavoids time waste and reduces costs by customizing a software to follow tasks controlled by inputs and previously established conditions. It has has proven to be successful if implemented correctly in various industries and different matters, such as:

  • Manipulate data
  • Program a specific task to be completed
  • Trigger a response
  • Loan or credit origination
  • Research extensive databases


Best practices before implementing automation


The idea of reducing time, costs, and human mistakes by implementing automation may be tempting to some companies, but before going all for it, there are several aspects to consider.


1. First, understand each process

One important thing to have in mind is that not every workflow can be automated, it depends on its complexity or if it delivers better results by being human operated. Hence each process has to be analyzed and each step documented to establish parameters and assure its results would be easily measured.


2. Start with a simple approach

Changes are difficult sometimes, automation is no exception. Not only because the members of the organization have to adopt a new workflow but also requires certain resources and budget to customize the software so it can achieve the ideal results.

Keep it simple, be patient and let BPA have a positive impact in the company's productivity.


3. Having a plan is key

Before integrating any software there has to be some sort of action plan, designed to meet with the company’s needs, budget and the expectations it has towards the BPA. Besides comparing all the automation tools available in the market, every process has to be carefully evaluated, changed if necessary, so automation can streamline it.



As more companies are aiming to try automation, they have to hold back for a second and analyze carefully whether BPA is the ideal solution or not, so they can make an informed decision.

If a company takes a chance on BPA, all of the team has to be aware of the future changes so they can be trained and be able to adapt to the new workflow automation.

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