The journey from consulting to software design

The journey from consulting to software design


The journey from consulting to software design

Posted by BeeckerCo on Feb 27, 2018 11:14:03 AM


Right direction of your business. Collage.jpegToday, BeeckerCo is a regional company based in MiamiFlorida with operations in Colombia, México and Argentina. Even before the introduction of BeBOP (Beecker Banking Origination Process), we became a world-quality firm which specialized on the development of BPM(Business Process Management) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) systems to improve productivity inside the financial sector. However, this was not always the case and, as with other great success stories,  we have humble beginnings.

In 2013, Fernando Leibowich Beker decided to found BeeckerCo (former Beecker Consulting) with the idea of creating a company that provided a quality service to clients inside the financial market. Through process transformation and optimization, the focus of the corporation would be to:

  • Incentivize better practices inside the industry
  • Promote social and business responsibility
  • And, in the long run, improve the quality of life via more easy access to credit and financial goods & services.


Humble Begginings

Back then, BeeckerCo was only 4 people working for 1 client providing consulting services focused on the automation of our client internal tasks. However, we quickly grew both on staff and operations, and so our level of expertise in the field of BPM and RPA increased as well. We managed to get the attention of IBM, one of the top global players regarding products of process improvement and task automation, and became business partners. Even though our performance was improving and becoming more efficient, we began to notice core banking problems and challenges that required a different approach.

The multi-skilled team of over 100 engineers, consultants and project managers of BeeckerCo became experts in handling and improving processes, but as a consulting firm,  we needed to work with tools developed by other corporations and chosen by the client company, even if those weren’t the best fitfor the task at hand. Always with the objective of providing a better service,  we evolved and began creating our very own software solutions to achieve greater integration and innovation.


Finding our own way

We identified two recurring challenges for several companies in the financial industry: Credit and Account Origination. We noticed that a great percentage of customer rejection inside the market occurred due to slow processes which became so cumbersome that people just gave up on asking for a loan. Through extensive collaborative work we created simple and lean processes, effective user interfaces and easy-to-implement connectors which, combined, became BeBOP.

BeBOP represents the most advanced stage of BeeckerCo’s evolution, as it manages to provide clients with an easy-to-implement software solution, powered by years of hard work and experience, supported by IBM’s expertise in automation and constantly fine-tuned by the company team of consultants. Besides being the cornerstone of the regional firm, this little robot has become the first of its kind to have a 30-day free trial and an open-source code.

If you'd like to learn more about how BeBOP can help your business with the common problems found in core banking systems, especially in regards to Account Opening and Credit Origination, we encourage you to get your free trial of BeBOP.  

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