Success Story: A Major Bank in Panama

Success Story: A Major Bank in Panama





Our client was one of the newest banks in Panama and one of the fastest growing, thanks to an aggressive expansion strategy and the early adoption of technologies. BeeckerCo has ample experience with intelligent Business Process Management tools and always works with the most recent version of these tools.


Client Needs

The bank needed to set up a process for the launch of a new card service. A BPM workflow was needed that would use the latest BPM technology while interacting seamlessly with existing processes and workflows already in place at the bank.



 As BeeckerCo is based in Mexico, a near-shore solution was implemented. A Project Manager travelled to carry out process analysis and suggest the best solutions (always available for the client). He was supported by BeeckerCo’s CMMI2-certified Process Factory in Mexico, where the new workflows were created and implemented in the client using a virtual private network. The highest security standards were used for dealing with client information off-site (ISO/IEC 27001 compliant). While on-site, the Project Manager also proposed improvements in existing related processes.



The project not only created the required workflow, which resulted in the successful launch of the new service, but also improved related processes through the use of a single toolkit that encompassed several processes process. By using the latest version of IBM-BPM tools, client-side human services were implemented, improving overall performance.



Business Process Management, IBM-BPM tools, workflows, near-shore, client-side human services.





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