Success Story: A Logistics and Delivery Services Company­.

Success Story: A Logistics and Delivery Services Company­.






Our client is a logistics and delivery services company. The complexity of their operations requires the exchange of large amounts of information. BeeckerCo has experience in the design and implementation of robots that automate information sharing within a company.  


Client Needs

The client elaborates monthly reports of the company’s overall performance. There reports are based on information that each area in the company shares. The transfer of information was slow and cumbersome due to the vast volume of information that needed downloaded from the company platform. Individually downloading files took hours. Additionally, information needed to be copied from spreadsheet to spreadsheet by hand, creating a bottleneck in the process. The clients needed the transfer of information to be faster.



BeeckerCo created a robot that improved the process of information sharing on two fronts:

·         It created a download queue that enabled files to be downloaded automatically.

·        It automated the copying of information from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. The files are also fetched and later uploaded after treatment automatically.

This robot is completely cloud-based and requires a minimum of human intervention, making the information readily available in the format required by the client for the elaboration of their monthly report.



After implementing the robot, the client has reduced the time and personnel necessary for the compilation of information.

·         The automated queue no longer requires personnel to supervise downloads.

·         The copying of information requires no human intervention and the time necessary for the task has been reduced to one minute for every hour it used to take.

The client can now elaborate the monthly reports with more readily available information that could even allow for the reports to be elaborated weekly.



robot, cloud-based, robotic process automation, information volume, information transfer.

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