Macros VS Robotics: when to implement automation

Macros VS Robotics: when to implement automation


Macros VS Robotics: when to implement automation

Posted by BeeckerCo on Jun 22, 2018 7:36:14 PM



Though they might seem similar at first glance, macros and robotics are not one-and-the-same. While it is possible to "automate" tasks with macros, they are not 100% automated and their scope is relatively limited to one application and one specific task.

Through Robotic Process Automation, organizations are able to process repetitive tasks in a more effective and global manner, in a way that macros do not. Read on to find out the key differences between macros and RPA, and how you can transition from traditional methods to robotics.


RPA vs Macros: what's the difference?MacrosVSrobotics_03



Macros are sequences of code that allow a specific task to be performed in a way that simplifies the process, specifically for repetitive tasks.

A macro must be run by a user each time that they would like to implement it, and therefore is not considered an automated process.  One limitation to macros is that they are application-specific, unlike robotics.



Essentially, Robotic Process Automation is the evolved and more intelligent version of a macro. What RPA offers is a better way to execute tasks by acting autonomously, based on a set of rules and triggers. The "robots" can integrate themselves into any operating system and can be used on a variety of applications.

They also have the ability to store knowledge, which make them useful for business process automation and legacy application monitoring. 


How to transition from Macros to RPA

Choosing to fully automate a process by implementing automation can be easier than writing scripts for macros, and is less time-consuming. RPA bots do not need to be integrated into the existing system, meaning they work independently of the related system. 

Not only is RPA non-invasive and low-cost, it can be easily managed by a user who does not have a specific technical skill. Macros on the other hand involve hours of code writing. 


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