How to tell RPA & BPM apart?

How to tell RPA & BPM apart?


How to tell RPA & BPM apart?

Posted by BeeckerCo on Aug 17, 2018 9:30:45 PM



When considering the implementation of process automation systems, the question may arise as to which is best according to the needs of your company.

It may seem, that all have similar characteristics but in reality each one focuses on solving different problems.

Two of the best known options are BPM and RPA, do you know the characteristics of each one?


How does BPM work?


It focuses mainly on improving productivity by optimizing processes. To achieve this, several software components are incorporated to allow a full business analysis to detect the improvements that can be applied to the workflow.

  • Re-engineer the workflow

Once the bottlenecks are detected, it is possible to restructure the workflow to achieve an end-to-end process automation that improves productivity throughout the company.

  • Based on process complexity

Depending on the required integrations and complexity of the process, BPM may need dedicated technical resources.

  • Positive effects enterprise-wise

Thanks to its approach it is possible to increase productivity, also helps reduce costs and improves the efficiency of everyday processes.


What is RPA?

It works by programming the software so that it performs routine tasks that require more time and effort of employees.

Solution for repetitive tasks

It is ideal to replace manual labor in repetitive tasks based on business rules.

Low deployment effort

It adapts to existing processes in an organization, its easy installation does not require extensive training or additional coding.

Immediate results

When implemented, the reduction of the workload, the agility in the processes and the reduction of costs is appreciated in the short term.


Although both of RPA and BPM have specific benefits, implementing both is an excellent idea since their platforms are complementary to each other as they improve considerably the efficiency and response time of a company.


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