How does BPM accelerate the ROI of your business?

How does BPM accelerate the ROI of your business?


How does BPM accelerate the ROI of your business?

Posted by BeeckerCo on Oct 1, 2018 3:42:51 PM



Companies need to keep track of the investments they make, also they are interested in knowing the ROI they will obtain with each new project. But what happens when implementing automation solutions? How can the benefits they generate be measured?



Measure ROI from BPM

 A common question before implementing BPM is knowing the ROI that will be obtained through this solution. While there is no formula for mapping the exact cost because it depends on time, it is possible to list a number of qualitative and quantitative factors that can be tracked.

The ROI that comes from BPM can be evaluated directly and indirectly depending on the different steps and stages of the process.


Direct ROI 

It is possible to calculate direct ROI by comparing the cost savings or profit increases with the total cost of the BPM project.

Within the total costs, the initial investment must be considered from the step of acquiring the BPM platform and additional hardware (if needed). 


Indirect ROI 

 It is a bit more complex to obtain the indirect ROI, but in the same way, the benefits can be appreciated from the implementation.

Because data must be considered from the ROI of quality, of risk reduction, of regulatory compliance


Examples of saving through BPM implementation

BPM represents a reorganization of business processes with a focus on efficiency. But the results may be different if the BPM project is focused on a project in the short or long term.


Here are some examples of the benefits that can be obtained through the implementation of BPM:

  • Improvement in the process efficiency.
  • Reduction of duplicity, human errors and rework.
  • Saves time in decision making 
  • Reassigns defined roles and responsibilities for employees 

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