How can IBM BPM reduce business costs?

How can IBM BPM reduce business costs?


How can IBM BPM reduce business costs?

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One of the main objectives of companies around the world is cost reduction,  to invest those additional resources on improving productivity and providing competitive solutions. By using technology to reshape workflows so they need less time and fewer resources, IBM BPM is the key to facing challenges in today’s business environments.

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To succeed in the changing marketplace, companies are implementing business process automationto achieve their business goals and to improve in the following areas:

  • Increase productivity
  • Agility of response
  • Cost reduction

IBM offers a useful business process management platform, which integrates seamlessly with internal and external systems, also includes services and tools to author, test, and deploy business processes.


3 cost reduction ideas powered by IBM BPM

There are 3 types of IBM BPM editions depending on the level of complexity each company requires:

IBM BPM Express

This easy-to-use software is perfect for medium-sized business as it allows to execute, monitor and optimize processes, which results on improved user productivity. It has the same capabilities as the standard edition, but it is recommended for first business management project.


IBM BPM Standard

This platform provides full visibility and insight to managing business processes. Ideal for multi-project improvement programs, offers basic system integration support.

Helps companies with process:

  • Design
  • Execution
  • Monitoring 
  • Optimization 


IBM BPM Advanced

This easy-to-use software offers a full set of business process management, with extended support for high-volume process automations as well as advenced integration and connectivity capabilities.

It supports enterprise integration and transactions process management thanks to the service-oriented architecture it is built with.


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