Everything you need to know about bpmNEXT 2018

Everything you need to know about bpmNEXT 2018


Everything you need to know about bpmNEXT 2018

Posted by BeeckerCo on Feb 23, 2018 7:44:01 PM



bpmNEXT is not only an event that showcases the newest software and technologies for improving Business Process Management but it is also a platform for launching innovative ideas and solutions that improve day-to-day business decisions.


What to expect in bpmNEXT 2018?  


The main difference between bpmNEXT and other technology-related events is the expertise conferences about bpm’s best practices and updates. It is also know for being a place where the industry’s most influential insiders gather to plan the future of the market.
This year’s bpmNEXT main topics include blockchain and smart contracts, standards-based decision services, the Internet of Things as well as Robotic Process Automation, so be sure to expect a series of debates about the revolution of technology among business operations from leading experts in their respective fields.
This sixth edition of bpmNEXT will be hosted this April 17 - 19 in The Canary, one of the most exclusive boutique hotels in Santa Barbara, California. Don't miss out on some of the exciting suprises that bpmNEXThas in store for this year's edition, such as:
  • Live demos of the lastest technology
  • 22 conferences lead by experts in the industry
  • Direct contact with CEOs, CTOs, leading industry analysts


Benefits of Business Process Management

Among all the advantages BPM has to offer, the following are the main reasons why an organisation has to take into account the implementation of this process management methodology:



The conditions of the market as well as other economic factors force are constantly drivining organizations to take care of their budget as much as possible, that is why BPM was designed to help optimize internal processes by automating certain tasks that reduce the potencial risk of human error, which enhances productivity and increases revenue; also it has proven to decrease costs by 30 to 50 percent.
BPM gives a detailed analysis of the optimal conditions a process needs to achieve its ideal goals.  Taking this data into account,  it helps build strategies to reduce corporate risk and also helps to monitor the outcome of process implementations.


With no time left to spare in the changing business environment, processes need to continously adapt to the newest conditions so they can offer up-to-date solutions. BPM helps to make processes more agile because it helps obtain detailed knowledge of the repercussions of every step in the workflow process.  This comprehension provides useful clues to detect the exact modifications needed to make a process more efficient and less error-prone.



And lastly, one of the most useful features of BPM is the transparency it gives to the activities across an organisation, providing a better understanding of the performance of a process in real-time operation without requiring manual monitoring. This helps to change the steps and structure of the process on-the-gowhile tracking the outgoing results.  Furthermore,  BPM systems can produce automated reports that can be shared across the organisation and their teams so everyone can be aware of the opportunities and flaws of the operational processes.


Get to know BeBOP

Learn more about the current state of BPM, how it can transform your business, and where BPM is headed in the near future, all of this and more at the bpmNEXT conference in sunny Santa Barbara California!

Also ee invite you to visit our stand in bpmNEXT, where we will be showcasing BeBOP, our innovative software that improves banking processes.

Click on this link to register.



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