Checklist to select the correct RPA tool

Checklist to select the correct RPA tool


Checklist to select the correct RPA tool

Posted by BeeckerCo on Oct 12, 2018 11:42:35 AM



Choosing the right RPA solution for your company is an important decision, not only because it is an investment but also because it can determine its effectiveness towards your business needs.

We give you a list of things to take in account before selecting the ideal RPA software.


How to select the correct RPA tool?



1. Usability 

Is the RPA tool of your interest user-friendly? The training period of the tool should be simple so that it can take action as soon as possible and complement the work carried out by the employees. This will result in better control of the functions and in the increase in the efficiency of the process.

2. Scalability

Select a RPA tool that can adapt and respond quickly to the changes of the market, the newest business rules and increasing operations.

3. Overall cost 

According to the budget of your company, consider the overall cost of the RPA software, including maintenance costs and updates, license fees and installation.

4. Security controls 

Before purchasing any tool, it is essential to know the security parameters it offers. Due to the volume of data and information that will be introduced to the software, it must have strict controls to avoid any leakage in the privacy of the information

5. Compatibility 

The RPA tool should be able to interact seamlessly and be compatible with other existing systems and softwares used in your company.


Now it is time for implementing automation

Now that you know the key aspects for a successful RPA implementation. The first step is to determine which of your processes are best suited to be automated. Sometimes RPA solutions may not be the best option for some type of processes due to its complexity or because they necessarily require human supervision.

At BeeckerCo, we offer free consulting to help you choose the best automation solution for your business. Tell us about your project!


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