Automation solutions, what's new on the market?

Automation solutions, what's new on the market?


Automation solutions, what's new on the market?

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Traditional industries are starting to place more trust in the benefits that technological innovations have to offer. With the combination of artificial intelligence and automation, companies have optimized their business processes in order to increase the levels of productivity and reduce costs in various areas.

The hype around automation is still on, because the updates and newest software available shows this technology is evolving to meet specific customer needs and help companies with their daily workflow.


The new era of intelligent automation


Intelligent automation is disrupting traditional industries and has made its way up to nearly every sector of the economy. The new applications for intelligent automation focus on solutions in various levels and applications such as:



This type of application is in charge of automating decisions after analyzing a huge volume of complex data based on certain business rules.

The sectors implementing these software are mainly financial services, health care, public sector and technology manufacturers.



These type of robots are in charge of physical tasks, they are programmed to perform an specific task on repeat. The new generations of robots are able to collaborate with the human coworkers and learn from their activities to improve their operations.

This technology has been used for years in the automotive manufacturing.



The automotive industry is also looking towards automation to create a new series of vehicles that only need to know the route in order to transport the passengers or the load without the need of a driver.

Autonomous vehicles are been used for military and aerospace development, in the extraction of natural resources and of course the automotive manufacturers newest concept cars.


Why is automation the key for business growth?

The need to look for alternatives arises from the increase of data and information to be processed that is surpassing the capabilities of the human work force.

It has become so popular because it offers benefits like:

  • Quality improvement
  • Better customer service 
  • Labor costs reduction
  • Increases productivity
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