9 reasons to choose IBM BPM

9 reasons to choose IBM BPM


9 reasons to choose IBM BPM

Posted by BeeckerCo on Aug 1, 2018 12:36:57 PM



Business Process Management (BPM) provides companies with the ability to become more agile and flexible in the way the produce processes.

In today's demanding market, it has become more necessary than ever to produce efficient results. This demand has given rise to such technologies as BPM, which adds value by increasing productivity, improving performance, and achieving compliance, among other benefits.



Here are the top reasons why IBM's BPM technology is helping countless organizations around the world:

1. Ease of Use
IBM offers superior total cost of ownership, and IT operational costs are relatively low because they provide scalable architecture across capabilities.  

2. Dynamic SOA Capabilities
The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows for agile solutions to be created. Rather than utilizing programming languages, with IBM it is possible to capture XML/metadata, making it an agile and flexible solution.

3. Role-based User Environment
Business users manage processes through a customizable and flexible user interface through role-based spaces which allows the correct process information to be sent to the right people.

4. Integrated BAM Capabilities
KPI measurement and insight into action are made easy by IBM, as they make it possible for business users to simply control the processes using real-time predictive analytics. 

5. Advanced Programming Model
Individual processes can be executed through an infrastructure and advanced programming model that does not compromise the state of your business.

6. Scalability and Performance
IBM's solutions provide a secure and scalable environment that is fit for multiple platforms. They are made with the idea of expansion and growth in mind to handle your business' future needs.

7. Documenting and executing processes in the cloud
Blueworks Live is the platform that allows your business to collect, share, and improve how processes get done. It is easy to use and browser-based, making it incredible useful for collaboration.

8. Business Rule Management
This feature increases flexibility and performance by allowing decision automation across processes and applications. The rule-based functionality is great for technical and non-technical users who participate in rule management.

9. Business Event Processing
Event processing capabilities allow for the detection, evaluations, and response to a series of events that occur over a certain amount of time. 


Beyond Technology: ensuring success with BPM Services

The first step in ensuring your BPM integration is successful, is to strategically think about where your organization is heading, and how BPM fits into this goal. IBM services offers skilled consultants who can help you guide your way through the BPM sphere, in order to implement the best practices that will help you achieve your objectives.



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