4 disadvantages of using excel to manage processes

4 disadvantages of using excel to manage processes


4 disadvantages of using Excel to manage processes

Posted by BeeckerCo on Jul 5, 2018 9:34:00 AM



For years, Excel has been the preferred tool for tracking business processes. It seems to meet the average requirements companies need on a daily basis, but Excel’s features fail to cover several areas that are essential for assuring a successful followup of a certain process.


Reasons to avoid Excel  for business process management Excel_01

Excel is a useful spreadsheet, but compared to automation systems that are built with a range of useful functions, managing business processes with Excel has the following limitations:  

1. Security

Although the document contains confidential information, the data is exposed to anyone who has access to the document because Excel does not offer the option of granting permissions to certain users. Which can be risky since unauthorized persons can change data.


2. Notifications
When tracking a process, it is necessary that all the team knows about any updates in real time, so they can perform certain task they are assigned to. Once again Excel lacks of notifications to inform about the changes that were made.


3. Connectivity

Companies use more than one system to manage processes, it is essential that they can integrate seamlessly with one another to display all the updates, notify about changes made or pending tasks, this is impossible with Excel as it lacks of connectivity.


4. Efficiency

With Excel there is no way to notify of instant updates, the response time becomes slow which reduces the efficiency of the company.


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