3 ways digital banking is transforming the industry

3 ways digital banking is transforming the industry


3 ways digital banking is transforming the industry

Posted by BeeckerCo on Apr 27, 2018 9:41:16 PM


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Digital banking seems to be the boost financial institutions need to secure their place among the services used by a new generation of tech natives, who expect the industry to mold towards their interests.

For some specialists, the disruption of such a traditional industry is a positive change for exploring new opportunities and engaging back with customers.


Financial services industry on its way to the future

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It is a fact that innovations such as cloud banking offer a wide range of advantages to improve processes efficiency and customer experience, but where is it possible to see this digital transformation reflected?


Goodbye to physical branches

Surveys show that 40% of customers have not been in a bank in the past 6 months. Instead of perceiving this as a problem, it just means that it's time to improve the online banking systems so they work seamlessly.

In this way, credit unions can avoid investing in physical space, because customers are looking for mobile banking apps that allow them to invest, lend, save, budget without leaving their home.


Easier transactions

The way of living has become faster and busier, many users of banking services are in need for more options to make cashless operations. 
Online transactions have the benefit of being more transparent for the client, who is responsible for controlling the operations performed and also offers greater security because these operations are easier to track.

Besides, the rise of cryptocurrencies has also pressured the industry, to improve the systems that allow streamlined online transactions.


External partners

Financial institutions must consider their assigned budget, instead of having a development area, now they have the possibility of finding a FinTech provider that offers a customizable solution that meets their expectations.

In the long run, this represents a reduction in costs and is beneficial because it is a joint effort with experts in the field, so financial institutions ensure that their software is optimized with the latest updates.


FinTech innovations, the tool to success  

As conditions of the market change constantly, with long-time experience the financial industry knows adaptation is key.

The implementation of FinTech innovations is not the absolute solution to banking problems, it is just an option that should be aligned to a long-term strategy, planned beforehand considering the specific background of the institution and the target it is going for.


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